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    PUMPIES: For All of The Pump Junkies // 60 Veggie Cap

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    The Pump Junkie Questionnaire

    PUMPIES: The Ultimate Nitric Oxide Booster

    Instructions: answer the questions below.

    • Do you go into the gym on a mission to achieve the biggest pump possible?
    • Do you plan your entire day around the pump?
    • Is your workout considered a failure if you don’t get a pump?
    • Do you not feel like yourself without getting a good pump at least a few times per week?
    • Would you rather go to the gym than go on a date?
    • Do you spend more money on supplements that promise to give you skin-splitting pumps than food?
    • Do you despise high-stim pre-workouts because they may ruin your pump?
    • Have you ever eaten gummy bears during your workout?
    • Can you relate to Arnold Schwarzenegger when he describes how the pump feels in the movie Pumping Iron?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may be a pump junkie and it’s your lucky day because we’ve got your next fix.

    PUMPIES is a capsule-based nitric oxide booster that combines Nitrosigine® from Nutrition 21, LLC and VasoDrive-AP® from NovaNutra, LLC with epicatechins, pine bark extract, and vitamin C.

    PUMPIES were formulated to significantly increase nitric oxide production resulting in bigger and longer-lasting pumps through vasodilation, or expansion, of your blood vessels. You can also expect better performance, increased recovery, and greater nutrient delivery to the working muscles.

    In other words, welcome to Pump Town!


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